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Ancestral Dreams Family Tree Template Design


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How to Order Your Family Tree Template Design
To order a family tree template from us, all you have to do is email us or fill in our Online Enquiry Form and send it to us. Filling in the form does not put you under any obligation to buy a website from us!

■■■ 2004-07-12

russian family Monthly Competition: Joining our Message Forum also allows you to enter our competition to win a Free Family Tree Template ! Click here for more details.

Why the Form?

The form simply asks you a few questions so that we can get an idea what kind of website you are looking for. This then enables us to email you a quote telling you how much the website you want will cost If you then decide to go ahead, we will ask you to make a payment to us, and we can then start to design your website.

Filling in the form makes it easier for us to know how much work will be involved in designing your website, and thus enables us to decide how we will charge you. You can, however, get a good idea of our general price range, by looking at our Prices page. Before filling in the form,it may be useful for you to also look through our Tips and Advice Page and our FAQS page, which outline the kinds of things we need to know about and have from you to make your genealogy wesbite. Please feel free to also email us at any time with any questions,which we are happy to answer free of charge.

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