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Ancestral Dreams Family Tree Template Design


Frequently Asked Questions


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about Family Tree Template Design

What is the best way to get my genealogy online?
I already have a website, but I want to improve it
What are the Disadvantages of Uploading My Family Tree to a Genealogy Website?
What about Family Tree Software that makes Webpages for Me?
What are the Advantages of using Ancestral Visions?

How Do I Order?
How Do I Pay?
Are there any Hidden Charges?
How do I make sure you design the website the way I want it?
What If I am not happy with the website you design for me?
Who hosts and maintains the website afterwards, and what are the Charges?
Can you take copyright of my genealogy information or use it for any commercial purposes?

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What is the best way to get my genealogy online?

There are a few ways to get your genealogy published on the internet. Some people join online genealogy websites (paid and unpaid) and upload their family tree to these sites.Some people use genealogy software customizable templates to convert their tree to webpages.Some people make their own website.Some peopledecide to get a professional designer to make their site for them.


I already have a website, but I'm having problems with it

I am also happy to help with existing websites anytime. Just email me and tell me what your problem is. If it is something easy, I will simply tell you in an email how to fix it. If it involves some workon my side to improve or fix the site,I will charge for this, but I will give you a clear idea of what the price will be, before you make any committment.


What are the Disadvantages of Uploading My Family Tree to a Genealogy Website?

When you upload your family tree to existing genealogy sites, there are some disadvantages you may not be aware of. Often your site is maintained in a huge database along with other trees and your family names cannot be found through the internet search engines. this means that many people won't even know about your family tree unless they go to the genealogy site that you have put your tree on. This means thousands of potential visitors may never even find your genealogy information. Also, some of these genealogy sites infact use and publish your genealogy for their own purposes inlcuding CD-Roms which they sell to other customers. They don't need to ask your permission to make your family details available to others, because you are in effect giving them copyright priviledges to your own family information by giving them your tree.


What about Family Tree Software that makes Webpages for Me?

There are numerous types of software existing to convert your genealogy into a website both free and price based. Some are better than others, often its just down to a personal choice. My aim is not to convince you that you need a professional web designer to make your site, but show you honestly how this option compares to the other options, and let you choose which method would be best for you. Check our links page for some useful sites. Or, if you prefer, you can Email Me. I am happy to answer any of your questions free of charge.

What are the Advantages of using Ancestral Dreams?

Unlike most genealogy software, you can now have a real say in the visual design of your website. We will ask you numerous questions about your style, font styles, colour and layout preferences to help you get the website looking the way you want it to look.
We help you find imaginative and effective ways to use your photographs and other images on your site, and even help you by finding more images or illustrations which may add to the overall look of your site.
We will regularly update and maintain your site for you, adding photos and genealogy information as often as you wish.
For those of you who wish to update your own site, we will help you learn what you need to know and design your site accordingly.
Your site will look more professional and stylish because you will have headings and banners designed by a professional who understands how to use web design techology.If you are interested in having features like animated text, animation, music and illustrations to enhance your site, you can now explore this exciting options at a much lower cost than most professional companies would normally charge you.
We work with you, by answering any questions you have with free advice, tips and suggestions to help you make decisions about how to present your family tree.


How Do I Order?

Ordering a website is a very simple process.


First you prepare your information, images and design ideas for me. Advice on how to do this is found on the Tips and Advice Page.


Then, email me describing what you want, for a Free Quote, (or preferably, fill in the Order Form.This specially designed form will make it easier for you to tell us about yourself and your needs, by asking you a number of questions about your genealogy such as how big is your family tree, how many pictures you have, how much you want to spend and so on.)


Then all you have to do is wait, and I will send you an reply email, with a Price Quote on how much your website would cost to make


If you are happy with our price quote and would like me to go ahead, I will then ask you to make a payment, and will start designing your site. This process will usually take from a few days to several weeks, depending on how big and complex your site is, and may involve several exchanges of emails between us,(and phonecalls-if necessary). I will phone you at a time chosen by yourself, if this is needed, and there will be no phone bill charges for you to worry about. As a professional web designer, emailing is usually enough in my experience and allows me to get to know you, ask questions, and pinpoint exactly what you want. Anything you are unsure about,I can help you to decide.


You will then, similar to clients in the advertising industry, get the opportunity to see the designs I have created for you online and give your reaction to them, before the final design is made, so I can make any last minute changes or adjustments. This gives you a chance to view your design and make sure you are completely happy with it, and that I have completely understood your requests.


Finally, once you are satisfied with the finished design, the site goes liveonline at a webhost ofyour choice.I am happy to do all this for you, and if the demand is high,I will soon be including professional webhosting in the prices ofmy genealogy websites.

If you are not happy in any way with the website you ordered,I am happy to guarantee you a Full Refund up to 2 weeks after completition.

This is a rare offer you would not normally find by other professional designers, and a risk to myself, but I am happy to make it, because I have every confidence in my years of experience that you will be happy with the website.


I then follow up with "aftercare service",which means that I will update and maintain your wesbite as long as you wish,(there will be a charge for this if you want me to do it, but I will keep my prices low and clear,and there will be no hidden charges)


How Do I Pay?

At the moment the easiest way to pay me is through PAYPAL, a highly secure and established online ordering system, used by millions of people worldwide. I will soon be offering a number of other payment options. In the meantime, if, for any reason, you cannot use PAYPAL, we can always look for other ways for you to pay, such a sending a cheque by mail, or money transfer.


Are there any Hidden Charges?

Quite simply;No. I will never send you any unexpected bill or add toor increase any of my prices in your Original Price Quote, without your prior knowledge. I am a firm believer in fair, honest and trading and treating my customers with respect.


How do I make sure you design the website the way I want it?

You may wonder how some one you don't know who lives many miles away, possibly in a different country, can really understand what your design ideas are! The answer is simply; that that is my job! I am a highly experienced designer who has been in the professional media for 17 years and have already created many websites for people I have never met! I therefore know exactly the kinds of questions to ask you and how to get to know your likes and dislikes through email and to discover how you want your website to look. I also will give you the opportunity to view your wesite during its development, to make sure you know how it is progressing, and give you a chance to tell me if I have misunderstood you in any way, before the design is completed.


What If I am not happy with the website you design for me?

This has not yet happened to me yet as an experienced website designer! Which is why I am there for more than happy to give you a Full refund up to two weeks after completion of your website. I will also, if you ask me nicely, make a few small changes at a later date either for free orfor a very small charge if you realise after completition of your website that there is something that you didn't notice before, or you ahve changed your mind about.


Who hosts and maintains the website afterwards, and what are the charges?

That is up to you. I am more than happy to host the website and look after it for as long as you wish, either on a website host you have already bought or organised yourself, or I can host your site on my own professional space. Infact ifyou are interested in having me do this, do let me know, as I am considering buying professional space for all my customers to use.This would cost you very little, and would have a number of benefits for you,which I would be happy to explain.


Do you take copyright of my genealogy information and resell it to anyone else or use it for any commercial purposes?

The answer is no; your genealogy remains your exclusive copyright, and not mine.


I am still confused about some things

Not to worry. Simply contact me anytime, with any questions, free of charge, and I will do my best to help you.


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