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Ancestral Dreams: Family Tree Template Design  

About Ancestral Dreams
"Attractive, Affordable Family Tree Template Designs for Genealogy Websites"

Welcome to Ancestral Dreams:Custom website designers. We make affordable family tree template designs, genealogy websites, and family history websites. Our template designs are for people who would like a more attractive and more professional look for their online family tree. We offer truly unique, custom-made family tree template designs and a highly personalised service to all our customers.









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Who Are We?

From Debra; I am an American website designer and family tree enthusiast. I have recently combined these interests to set up Ancestral Dreams.

I design family tree templates and family history websites for the US, Canadian, Australian and European markets, and welcome enquiries from countries around the world.

I work with a group of designers who have high level professional skills in animation, content writing, photography, dtp and illustration. We have all been in the media industry for many years and have worked together on many projects, now combining our skills to produce high quality family tree template designs for genealogy websites.

One of my aims at Ancestral Dreams is to ensure that even people ON A LOW BUDGET, or without any web site design skills, can now have a stylish, professional-looking online family tree template, with its very own completely personalised, unique design. Your family tree template can be customised to incorporate all your own design ideas, (as well as many other sophisticated features.) As a professional web designer I will work one on one with each of you to design a family tree template which does real justice to your ancestors stories.


Why Ancestral Dreams?

About 6 years ago I began to research my own family tree on the internet, and a passion was born....After many years experience as a professional web designer, I then decided to combine my web design and genealogy skills, and start a company, whose sole purpose is to make family tree templates and family history web sites.

My many hours of experience visiting online family trees in search of my own ancestors names, has proved most enlightening, and has inspired me to discover more effective ways to design genealogy websites. I first began to make family tree template designs for myself and my friends, and then realised that not enough professional web design companies were offering this specialised service, and thus Ancestral Dreams was born.


What Do We Do?

Ancestral Dreams brings you an affordable way to get your family tree online with your own attractive, professionally designed family tree templates, created just for you by a website design and genealogy expert, in a supportive environment.

Currently most people, (even those who have web design skills), find that their only options for putting their family tree online are either to use the family tree template creation tools that come with their genealogy software, or to upload their family tree information directly to a premade template on communal genealogy sites, alongside numerous other family trees. But many people may find the premade family tree template designs offered, uninspiring, or difficult to use.

The idea behind Ancestral Dreams is to help everyone make family tree websites which reflect their own original style and personality, without having to pay a fortune for it!


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Ancestral Dreams
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